Before each of our staff meetings, we watch a TED Talk. After the video is done we take the time to share and reflect our thoughts and ideas about it. It’s more than just stating that we enjoyed it, we actually try to apply the lessons learned to our business and how we work.

For the leader of a company or an organization, TED Talks can often help guide, inspire and offer a new perspective on things. We chose these ones to share with leaders of all company sizes or roles.

It's August already! Where has the summer gone? If you've held off this long from lounging on a beach with a great book it's time to devote some time to these great reads. Whether you are a CEO or just want to think like one - these are the books you need to grab or download. You will not only have some rest and relaxation, but you will fuel your mind with innovation, advice, and motivation.

So you've narrowed down your ideas into one great BIG business idea. You're sure as the sun it's a winner. So you should get started building your business right away! Not so soon. You need to test it out. You may think this is the one, but you need a little more proof than just your gut instinct. There are many affordable and helpful ways to test your ideas.

We were sitting around the boardroom table just before a team meeting and one of my colleagues was sharing how they’re going to close an important deal this week. I was curious about their confidence, so I had to ask, “what makes you so sure they are going to buy in with you?”

It’s mid-summer and keeping the attention of readers is hard due to all the vacation time and juicy, beachside novels being devoured by relaxing folks like you. So we did some research of infographics to give you quick bites of relevant, fun information you can use when you head back to the office. Don’t forget to bookmark!

Here is one I, as the content writer love. It fits with the summer flavour of cocktails on the deck and a great breakdown of the content you can post in many different forms and the winning “recipe” for each. Cheers!

You own and operate your own company. It’s summer time, and you’ve spent lots of time granting other people’s vacations. Scheduling everyone into their preferred time off slot. But what about you? You have your business just so you can vacation when you want to. When do you actually give yourself the time off you so deserve? Are you afraid the company will sink without you? Are you so involved in work that you forget what a holiday even is?

It’s summer and everyone is in vacation mode. Whether you have a long weekend to celebrate or your annual two weeks off you need to prepare and be planning your work vacation. It’s time to unwind and catch up on life. So how do you make sure everything is in order for your vacation.

Brand image is the key to a successful business. How you brand is extremely important but it’s more than just an eye catching logo. It has to do with your customers’ entire experience – your logo, website, social media experience, staff and even the way you answer the phone.

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